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Mr. Limin Liu


Mr. Limin Liu, male, born in 1962, deputy chief physician, deputy to the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, chairman of the Human Resources Management Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital Association, vice chairman of the Humanities Management Committee of the Zhejiang Hospital Management Association, and director of the Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association.

He graduated from Peking University Health Science Center in 1986 and was assigned to the Institute of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases of the Second Afflilated Hospital of Zhejiang School of Medicine, having long been engaged in clinical and scientific research on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hyperbaric oxygen medicine. He has rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and has deep research on the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases. He has won the Science and Technology Progress Award from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health. He has published more than ten papers in provincial and above magazines.


Since June 1993, he has served as the head of four large “Grade III Level A” hospitals including the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Women’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine for 25 years, with rich experience in hospital management. .