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Dr. Bingyin Shi


Dr. Bingyin Shi, MD, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of endocrinology department. He severd as member of the expert group of the Central Health Bureau, expert on special allowance of the State Council, young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions of the Ministry of Health and talents of Shaanxi Province during the "Third Five-Year Plan".
Academic participation includes: the member of standing committee of endocrinology branch of Chinese medical association and deputy leader of thyroid group, the vice chairman of the branch of thyroid disease of the International Association for the Promotion of Medical Care of China,the deputy head of endocrine and metabolic branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Editorial board of Thyroid, Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine and Chinese Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Dr. Shi has been a endocrinologist for 36 years and working in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University since graduated from Beijing Medical University in 1983. He has been the President of the first affiliated hospital since March 2014.He has acquired profound knowledge in the pathogenesis and immune prevention of autoimmune thyroid diseases, and also in diabetes prevention. Major academic contributions include first successfully produced Graves hyperthyroid animal model in the domestic, first induced the newborn mice immune tolerance against Graves disease in the world, first produced macaques Graves disease animal model and induced the newborn macaques immune tolerance against Graves disease in the world. He has presided over a number of national and provincial scientific research projects and educational reform research projects. In recent years, he has published more than 100 papers, Chief editor, participated in compiling 12 textbooks and monographs.
The honorary rewards are as follows: Wu Jieping Medical Research Award, Chinese Physician Award, National model of medical ethics, the National May Day labor medal, Famous Teacher of Shaanxi Provinces, Model of teacher ethics and famous teacher of Xi 'an jiaotong university, was selected as the "Top Ten Influential Persons of Shaanxi in the Ten Years", Outstanding Dean of Sanqin, Top Ten medical experts of MD WEEKLY, Excellent Teacher Award of Baosteel in 2017, Outstanding Contribution Award of the President of Chinese Hospital of the 11th Huaren Cup in 2018, and the honorary title of "Xi'an Star" in the field of health in 2018.