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Dr. Sun Yang


China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Sun Yang, doctor of medicine and researcher. Now, he is the dean of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, fully responsible for the daily work of the hospital.
Vice chairman of Chinese Hospital Quality Management Committee.
Study and working experience: in 1991, he graduated from Department of Medicine in West China University of Medical Sciences, where he got the medical bachelor degree. In 1998, he graduated from Peking Union Medical College, where he got the doctor degree of internal medicine. Since 2001, he once worked as the deputy director of Medical Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital and vice director of Urology Department. Since Jan. 2010, he worked as the deputy director of Medical Service Supervision Department of Ministry of Health (worked as the team leader of State-owned Hospital Team, Medical Reform Office), the deputy director of Medicine Administration Department, National Health and Family Planning Commission and the director and vice director of Medical Management Center. In Jan. 2018, he worked as the dean of China-Japan Friendship Hospital.