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Dr. Pan Yisheng


Secretary of Party Committee, Peking University First Hospital

Pan Yisheng, male, chief physician, deputy dean, CPC member, mainly responsible for the medical work. In 1994, he graduated from Medical Department of Beijing Medical University, where he got the surgery doctor degree in 1999. From 2001 to 2003, he went to University of Minnesota for further study and got the certificate of completion Senior Course Program of Chinese Hospital Management (2007-2008), Peking University International MBA, the certificate of completion of “J&J-SMU Hospital Management Program (2009)”, Singapore Management University. He is quite experienced in medical management. He is working on the clinical work of stomach and intestine surgery. He is mastered in surgeries for fundamentally solving the gastrointestinal tumors, he is quite skillful. Besides, he is extraordinary in surgeries for stomach cancer, colon cancer, SPO and recurrent rectal cancer etc. He has clearly academic direction and has formed his own theoretical opinions in stomach cancer and colorectal cancer surgery. These years, he has published over 20 advanced articles and expert reviews.