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Dr. Giles W.L. Boland


Dr. Giles W.L. Boland is an internationally recognized radiologist, Chair of the Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Philip H. Cook Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. As Chair of Radiology, Dr. Boland is responsible for a department that performs and interprets approximately 800,000 imaging exams each year and includes 120 attending physicians; a large research department; 100 physician trainees; and a large complement of additional personnel.

His current focus is on the delivery of cost-effective patient outcomes, including practice and workflow redesign and management, and the use of information technology to improve outcomes. Dr. Boland’s work extends to improving the patient experience, wellness, and the development of new markets. He has written numerous peer-reviewed articles on these topics and has conducted presentations in over 15 countries on these issues. As a practicing radiologist, his interests lie in abdominal imaging. Dr. Boland is Associate Editor for the Journal of the American College of Radiology (Practice Management) and has 17 years of industry experience related to the role of imaging biomarkers in drug development. He is the past president of the Society of Abdominal Radiology.