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Dr. Mark Wen


Mark Wen, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Mark Wen is Executive of Global Business Development for University of Chicago Medical Center.

Mark Wen has been working in the global health and international medical services since 1993.  He worked at Stanford University Medical Center, as Executive Director of Global Health and International Medical Services.  He worked at Virginia Mason Medical Center of Seattle, as director of multi-culture services and created its first international clinic providing culturally sensitive patient care to Seattle region Asian community and patients from Asian countries. 

Recently, Mark worked at Seattle Children Hospital as Vice President and Managing Director of  global business development and International Medical Services for three and half years. 

Mark has been very active in many US-China medical exchange programs and well connected with Chinese healthcare industries, Chinese top hospitals and medical schools.  He has managed several leading US hospitals international partnership development both with China and with hospitals in the Mid-east countries. 

Dr. Wen was educated both in China and in the US.  He has an electrical engineering degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, (HIT), Harbin, China.  He received his MBA from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, and a doctoral degree from California Pacific University. 

Mark is very active in US-China trade and business development. He has been serving as the president of WA State China Chamber of Commerce for the past 6 years.