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Dr. Qimin Zhan


Dr. Qimin Zhan trained at Suzhou University Medical College and the Peking Union Medical College and obtained postdoctoral experience at the University of California, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas and the National Cancer Institute of National Institutes of Health, and was a tenured faculty member in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

He is currently a Professor at Peking Union Medical College and a Senior Investigator in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Institute. Zhan is Chairman of the National Advisory Board for 863 High-Tech plan in biomedical sciences and Chief Scientist of the 973 National Fundamental Program (cancer field). His research focus is the molecular pathways involved in controlling cell cycle checkpoint and apoptosis after DNA damage. He is also interested in signallng pathways involved in regulation of the maintenance of genomic stability and tumor metastasis. His research has attracted multiple grants. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed SCI papers in prestigious journals, including Cell, J Clin Invest, EMBO and Science, and these are highly cited in the biomedical field.