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Warmly Welcome Ambassador Terry E. Branstad committed to the 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium and the 1st C3 China-US Healthcare Summit and deliver keynote speech!
We are extremely honored and welcome Ambassador Terry E. Branstad committed to the 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium and the 1st C3 China-US Healthcare Summit and deliver keynote speech! 

Invitation Letter 

          Welcome to the Fourth China-US Hospital Management Symposium and the First C3 China-US Healthcare Summit. C3 stands "Community, Collaboration, and Commerce", is an International Organization jointly founded by World Health Organization, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services in 2012. C3 aims to explore and promote exchanges and cooperation among countries in the field of medicine and healthcare. Provide sharing of best practices and experiences in Medical Management and Administration, recent development in Clinical Practices and provide strong support in Research.

          With its emerging and influential role in Healthcare Development, C3 has gained support from many world leading research organizations, outstanding experts in medical and healthcare industry, renowned researchers from industry and academia, as well as, many leading organizations and global leaders. To promote collaboration and research among leading organizations and researchers, C3 arranges several international Healthcare Summits every year.

          The C3 Summit has become one of the most influential international Healthcare Summits, and has attracted many distinguished speakers in the past 10 years. These distinguished speakers include former Heads of States, including President Bill Clinton; Dr. Henry Kissinger, US Secretary of State; Isobel Coleman, US Ambassador to the UN; David A. Paterson, Governor of New York; Dr. Mark A. Davis, Professor at Harvard Medical School; Dr. Nizar N. Zein, Chairman, Global Patient Services of Cleveland Clinic; Dr. Sameh Elsaharty, Chief Medical Expert, World Bank, among many noteworthy speakers.

          This year the launch of China-US Hospital Management Symposium and C3 China-USHealthcare Summit brings global healthcare recognition to the region, and helps define China as a hub of innovation for training local leaders, companies, universities, and research institutions by bringing to the region a new level of healthcare excellence. Based on knowledge and technology transfer between the U.S. and China, the C3 China-US Healthcare Summit will increase commercial ties to implement enterprises tapping U.S.-Chinese expertise. The inaugural C3 Healthcare Summit in China will be a critical factor in advancing China-US medical and healthcare cooperation, becoming a benchmark of the world’s medical and healthcare development trend.

          Further, the Summit will continue to promote “China-US 100 Hospital Presidents Visiting Program” as a bridge and mechanism for China-US social and cultural dialogue. The Program is an integral part of China-US healthcare diplomacy in the new era, which will grow stronger with the extension of the C3 China-US Healthcare Summit.

          We warmly invite and welcome all the participants and healthcare field professionals and experts in the 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium and the 1st China-US Healthcare Summit held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beijing from March 29-30, 2019.

Guidance Organization

National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China

 Health Human Resources Development Center, National Health Commission P.R.C, C3 Summit International 

Hospital Management Branch of China Anti-Cancer Association、 BeiJing Medical and Health Foundation、 Wan Li Think Tank

 HMKH Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Warmly Welcome Brigham and Women´s Hospital to Attend the Inaugural C3 Summit China
We are extremely honored to have Dr.Mark A.Davis, Vice Presidet and Dr. Jeffrey Golden Chair of the Department of Pathology and Dr. Giles W.L. Boland Chair of the Department of Radiology from Brigham and Women´s Hospital committed to the 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium and the Inaugural C3 China-US Healthcare Summit and deliver keynote speech as well as participate in panel discussion to exchange idea with Chinese hospital presidents on the collaboration between the U.S. and China.

Amb. Terry Branstad

U.S. Embassy,Beijing

Dr. Qimin Zhan

Pek. Uni. Medical Dept.

Dr. Kurt Newman

President & CEO
Children's National

Dr. David Hayes

Medical Director 
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Nizar N. Zein

Global Chairman
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Mark A. Davis

Vice President
Brigham & Women

Dr. He Jie

China Cancer Center

Dr. Jie Qiao

Pek. Uni. Third Hospital

Dr. Dong Jiahong

Chang Geng Hospital

Dr. Jiafu Ji

Pek. Uni. Cancer Hospital

Dr. Zhang Junhua

Acting Dir-Gen

Dr. Michael Salgaller


Dr. Yu Kaijiang

Harbin Cancer Hospital

Dr. Sun Yang

Friendship Hospital

Dr. Pan Yisheng

Sec. Party Committee
Pek. Uni. First Hospital

Mr. Michael Bierl

NY Presbyterian

Dr. Li Zhiyuan

Vice President
Fuwai Hospital

Dr. AeRang Kim, MD

 Children’s National

Mr. Diao HaiPeng

Luye Medical (China)

Dr. Daixing Zhou

Berry Genomics

Dr. Chen Ming

Vice President
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital

Dr. Eugene Hwang , MD

Children’s National

Dr. Maan Fares

Global Vice Chairman
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Chen Zhengying

Vice President
Zhejiang Uni. Second Hospital

Mr. Saul Gitlin

Director, China,
Mount Sinai Int.

Dr Caroline Chung

Associate Professor
MD Anderson

Dr. Li Jie

Humanwell Healthcare Group

Dr. Ghassan Abou-Alfa

C3 Co-Chairman
Memorial Sloan Kettering

Dr. Bingyin Shi

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Dr. Jeffrey Golden

Pathology Chair
Brigham & Women

Mr. Limin Liu

Sir Runrun Shaw Hospital

Dr. Giles W.L. Boland

Radiology Chair
Brigham & Women

Mr. Paul Doherty

The Digit Group

Dr. Mark Wen

Executive GlobalBusiness DLP
Uni. Chicago Medicine

Mr. Zhao Yue

Wanli Think Tank

Ms. Joanna Jiang

China President
C3 Summit Int.

Dr. Liu Tingjun

CEO Taikang Healthcare
Deputy President Taikang Insurance Group

Dr. Zhi Hong

President & CEO
Brii Biosciences

Mr. Kun Tu

HMKH Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ransel N. Potter

C3 Summit Int.
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