Registration channel

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Registration channel

The 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium and C3 China-US Healthcare Summit


Notes on Registration and Payment: 


(1) Notice for registration. To ensure the accommodation of Congress delegates, participants are requested to register in advance through the official website of the conference and reserve conference agreement Hotel and nearby hotel beds. Online Registration Address: www.c3summitchina.com 


(2) Registration fee. Renminbi 3980 yuan per person (including conference fee, information fee, meal fee, excluding transportation and accommodation fee), who have paid registration fee but have not attended the meeting, the conference affairs group may provide invoices as required without refund.


(3) Payment of registration fees:           
1. Electronic remittance and transfer.           
Account Name: Beijing Huameikang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.           
Opening Bank: Asian Games Village Branch of China Merchants Bank Beijing Branch           
Account number: 110936104810908           
When the registration fee is paid by the above way, please indicate the name of the organization, tax number, purpose, contact person and contact information in the remarks column for the purpose of issuing invoices and mailing invoices.     


(4) Ways of receipt of invoices. Personnel registered for payment before March 15 (whichever is the date of remittance transfer) may receive invoices during the meeting or send them by post-meeting mail. Persons registered for payment after March 15 will send invoices after the meeting by post-meeting mail from the Secretariat of the General Assembly. 


(5) Contact information for consultation and registration of the Conference:           
Miss Liu: 15610080167           
Miss Yan: 13520588376           
Ms. Yao: 13520585638           
Mailbox: c3summitchina@163.com           
Contribution Standards:           
3980 RMB(600USD) per person (including conference fee, information fee, meal fee, excluding transportation and accommodation fee


(6) For Hotel Reservation:
•Please Open Four Seasons Offical Website:https://www.fourseasons.com/
•Select Location Beijing, Date, Number of Guests, and put promotion as: CIO319C3S
•Select room, package, and fill the personal information, and then click “Book
•In last,fill "Summit Preferecne" in the preference box.
      Congratulation Your Booking is completed!!

After signing up for payment, please save the payment information and hand it over to the staff of the conference group. The payment

has been confirmed. If you need to provide

an invoice, please add the unit name and tax number.